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Gilster262’s World turned 3 today!

Gilster262’s World turned 3 today!

yolo man how are ya

Hiya D-man! I’m doing good, awesome to see you here on Tumblr~!=)


Now Gilster, be honest with me, you knew I was gonna draw myself kissing Integra when you asked this question didn’t you? Aaaaahhh I see you trying not to smile you card you! Haha you knew it look at the grin on this guy haha oh good times….

Well, that answers my question~!:3

Way to go Terry, you lucky dog you~!;)

I KNEW this you were gonna do this?


Hey handsome! Once you get this message you, do ten facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers!

Oh, okay~!^_^

1. I’m a REAL sucker for cute stuff…^///^

2. I care a lot about my friends!*hug*

3. Sometimes, i take afternoon naps…*yawn*

4. My favorite color is blue(duh)~!XD

5. I don’t watch horror movies…O_o;


7. I love playing video games~!=)

8. My dream is to be a great cartoonist

9. Ive always wanted to see the whole world!^_^

10. I don’t do drug or drink…>=(

Hello, hello (again). ^^ Thanks for the follow~!

Hi there!=D

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I like your art, it looks awesome!^_^

New OC: Riding Hood

Hey guys, gilster262 here!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you all to the
VERY FIRST Antihero of the Gilsterverse…


OC Bio;

Name: Asami Miyamoto
Nickname: the Scarlet Rose, the Crimson Killer, the Red Hooded Ninja
Gender: Female
Age: 19 -> 20
Species/Race: Japanese, Half Werebeast (Wolf type)
Date of Birth: July 31
Current Residence: Tokyo Japan
Orientation: Heroine of Vengeance,
Personality: Violent, Merciless, Vengeful, Threatening

Like (Loves): Her family, Inner peace, her Grandmother
Dislike (Hates): Her Grandfather, the Werebeast clan
Ambitions: To avenge her family’s death
Fears: N/A
Talents/Skills/Powers: Ninjutsu, weapon specialist, Werebeast power

Hair color: Raven Black
Eye color: Beastly Green
Main features: Revealing leotard, Red hooded cape, fishnet stoking,
Knee-long boots, Red hooded cape
Usually wears: Wears sailor school uniform (secret identity)
Choice of Weapon: Razor sharp katana know as the “Crimson Oni”

Family: Mother(deceased), Father(deceased), Grandmother(Ally),
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Grandfather, Werebeast Clan
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
Husband/Wife: N/A
Children: N/A


Hope you guys like her~!

Riding Hood; made by gilster262(e) (Me)

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Your art looks lovely~!^_^

3 Days Till my Birthday/New OC~!!

Hey guy’s, gilster262 here!=)

Sorry for being inactive here on Tumblr….^^;

But anyway, In 3 days, this Saturday is going to

be my Birthday~!! And I’m SO EXCITED~!!!=D


I’ve also created a new OC that’s a bit

darker… So keep your eyes peeled~!;)

It feels great when I get a new follower, so cheers! Plus, you draw some great monster girls!

Your VERY welcome dude!=D And thank! You art looks really awesome too~!;)